Munsterific Convenience Store where your time and taste matter. Deeply founded by the company’s mission and core values of Partnership, Integrity, Innovation and Social Responsibility, we continue to be first in your needs and faves for your convenient pleasures.


      Our concept is a one-stop-shop, where avenues of opportunities to serve the whole community would be addressed. Fast pacing is the game of our time, where everyone seems to be in a hurry. Technology wise, we have to deliver fast services but still within reach. We are extending different services alongside the usual service of a convenience store. Thus, generating additional services to our clients and profits on our side; a mutual beneficial relationship realized overtime.


      Munsterific started on September 27, 2004. It was the first 24/7 Convenience Store in Negros Occidental with big plans to provide a monster variety of goods and services with terrific customer satisfaction, hence the name – Munsterific!

By 2017, had grown to a total of 26 branches, 6 is company owned and 20 franchise.